Why waist your time, standing in line, to vote for your nominee for President of the United States, IF each political party is going to ignore the majority vote of their constituents? Just wait and vote in the general election. But you say, I’m not going to vote if I’m disfranchisement and my choice for president isn’t the candidate I can voted for. WRONG! It is your obligation and privilege to vote – so vote for your party. THEN, vote against all the Congress people who support this corrupt political system. Yes, corrupt!

For decades many, if not most, of our elected officials have ignored what is best for America and are only concerned with being re-elected to their cushy, high paying, great benefits, jobs in the USA. And they are willing to buy your votes. The system is CORRUPT!

Wise up! Stop voting for lairs and charlatans. Clean up politics or we will see the end of the America that has provided the most charitable, the most freedom, the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Or our only viable solution is: Lord come soon.

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