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Expecting Answers

As a young Christian, Charles Finney watched other Believers, and listened to their words. He observed that “the prayers I had listened to from week to week were not, that I could see, being answered.” In fact, nothing seemed to happen: “In their prayer and conference meetings they would continually confess that they were making…


Why waist your time, standing in line, to vote for your nominee for President of the United States, IF each political party is going to ignore the majority vote of their constituents? Just wait and vote in the general election. But you say, I’m not going to vote if I’m disfranchisement and my choice for…

True Heroes

Recently, there have been acts of heroism in the news. Three Americans preventing a blood bath on a train in Europe; firefighters loosing their lives saving people and property from wildfires out west and of course, police officers saving lives and officers loosing their lives protecting the citizens of their particular jurisdiction. We need heroes….

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